Monday, October 26, 2015

2 years later

Its been over 2 years since I made a blog post. 2 YEARS! I am having a hard time believing that!

In those 2 years I have gone back to church, My husband got baptized, I worked 2 different jobs (went back to Amazon for one of those), both my kids started dance, I got a piano, I got my endowments and became an eternal family, my son started kindergarten AND (big and here) had another baby!

Another girl. Aarilyn Skye. She was supposed to be named August and would've been but the hospital was full for my "elective" induction so I didn't get to have her on August 30th as planned. Instead she was born September 4th. A perfect 9lbs 6.4oz and 21.5inches. Super chubby cheeks!

Something I want to share.. Angel was born premature. Doctors told his parents that he wouldn't survive. They named him Angel for that reason. He defied the Doctors and is relatively healthy other than a smaller heart than most. 

Me? My mom was going to abort me. She had just gotten a divorce from her husband of about 15 years. She had a fling and became pregnant with me. For whatever reasons (I believe alot of it was at my fathers prompting) she had scheduled an abortion. Apparently she changed her mind the day of. I'm not clear if she had driven to the clinic or just decided not to go. I wasn't supposed to be here either. 

I hear people at church say they regret stepping away from the church or their mistakes. I'm going to be honest here. I do not. Want to know why? If I hadn't become inactive Angel and I may never had gone out on a date, we wouldn't have had our beautiful family and he would never had had a chance to know the gospel. Sometimes there is a reason for our troubles, for our dark times. I truly believe that I had to walk away from the church to find my family.

Sometimes its hard to believe I am the same person from 8 years ago. A young teenager that felt no one understood her. I still have my boo-hoo moments of my lack of friendship. I long for the friendship that I had when I WAS 17. My dear friend Rei. She got me. Unfortunately, I'll never be able to rekindle that friendship, She is gone forever by her choice. I hope I can see her in the next life... I plan to give her a huge hug and then give her a real good right hook. 

I think I'm starting to ramble and may not make sense. I will end for now! I have lots of recipes to post in the near future! 


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