Saturday, June 15, 2013

Today is one of those days...

Don't you love when you go out and do something and you realize you don't fit in or have anything to contribute to the conversation? It's just.. one of my worst feelings in the world. Happened to me today and I've decided maybe I need to focus on my kids and family a little more. Little less worrying about friends or fitting in.

I have been wanting to get my house up to my personal standards of clean so that I then can just keep it up but it feels like it's a ladder that is always growing. I can never reach the dang top! I still need to clean the bathroom and kitchen. YUCK!

Today was spent looking up how you sell a car. We are planning on selling our '01 Chevy Cavalier to his brother. It was all fine and dandy until we realized we've lost the title. -.- How does that happen? How do you just lose a piece of paper that is so important?! I don't sure don't know but we did and now we have to wait the "4-6 weeks of processing our request" by the DMV. Ugh.

We were going to go fishing for Father's Day since the hubby-man enjoys it and I'd love to learn. Come to find out his vacation wasn't approved. Now I'm kind of at a loss of what we are doing for Father's Day. Don't worry though, I'll be sure my kiddies fix daddy something super special and rest assured, I WILL post about it :)

Tonight I will be fixing some beef tips, roasted potatoes and corn on the cob. I haven't gotten to dessert. Possibly No-Bake chocolate cookies.

I'm going to suprise the hubby with a breakfast in the 'morn but I haven't gotten that far. Told ya, I can be a pretty lousy wife some days.

Time to finish cleaning and get started on dinner.


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