Monday, January 28, 2013

There is a Zelf on the Shelf

I got my shelf above the sink back up! We put it up like a year ago but it randomly fell down while I was in the hospital giving birth to Annessa. Well shes like 3 and half months now and we just put it back up today.

The main issue has been our walls in this house are really weird. You can go 2 feet without a stud and then have 3 studs 4 inches apart. Seriously weird. We found a stud but kept missing it. SO we bought some fancy screws that you can use when you have a house like ours. Hah. Those didn't work. So at this point we have 5 holes in our wall above the sink. Finally Angel pulls out they super duper heavy duty screws for drywall that we used in Nessie's room (use to be my craft room) and Eureka! It worked! I put all my cookbooks up there. I feel so happy to actually be able to see and easily access my books. I use to have them on a bottom shelf. Ugh. And not all of them fit. NOW I have room for more. Think I need to go shopping! :P

And just because I take pictures of EVERYTHING here is the finished product:

I'm a very crafty person. I guess I can admit that without sounding conceded... Anyways, I am and I and I enjoy doing crafts. I have been wanting to sell my stuff at craft shows. Probably because I like money, I like people and I practically grew up in craft shows thanks to my Grandmother. (May she rest in peace)
My Grandmother made porcelain dolls. I mean from scratch. She bought the bisque, poured it into molds, cleaned the greenware, fired them in her own kiln, painted the faces, fingers, toes, put eyes in, she strung the dolls and made bodies when needed, put wigs on them and made the clothes from scratch. It was pretty amazing to grow up with that around you. I dabbled in making my own dolls, tea sets and painting figurines for Christmas gifts when I was younger. It was probably one of my favorite memories.

My Grandmother wasn't the only one creative one in my family. My mother was a crafter verging on hoarder when I was younger. BUT it was pretty awesome. She would quilt or make tie blankets, sew me clothes, make christmas ornaments the list goes on.

When I got older my interest was paper crafts. I loved modge podge and making cards. When I moved out I got interested in Scrabble Tile pendants (right about the time they got really popular), domino pendants. I did those for a while, while still doing cards and bookmarks. Lately my new thing is upcycling playing pieces and other things you would call junk into useful items or jewelry. Its so much fun. I also have another direction which is baby/baby shower stuff. It's a little frustrating because the two are so different. When going to certain craft shows you have to "One direction". Well PHOOEY TO THEM. I keep thinking I want to do craft shows but when I start looking at my items I'm thinking they might also do well in a gift show way. Not that I have money for THAT but still. It's fun to dream.

My current issue is having the courage to believe my crafts are good enough to be sold at some of the larger more well known craft shows in the tri-city area. I know my friends tell me I should but I can't help but think they are just saying it because they are my friends. These larger shows cost more money and its scary to try when you aren't sure you're going to break even. Where is the Confidence Fairy when you need her? I need a whole bag of confidence dumped on my head.

Well I need to feed the bottomless pit I call my 2 year old son.

Adieu until next time!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I'm Back!

It's sad when you can't even remember how to make a post on your own blog. I suppose this shows its been quite a while since I posted anything.

I had my baby girl! She's quite healthy. little bit chunky. Got a double chin and cheeks that you can't help but want to squeeze. (I now understand grandparents always wanting to do that) She is around 3 months. Will be 4 months February 15th. I want her to stop growing! She so MUCH different than my first. Aidan didn't like to be snuggled with, it was impossible to sing or soothe to. Annessa stops crying the minute you pick her up, she is full of smiles and is just so friendly! I don't think I'm going to get over this for like half her life. Doesn't matter that I'm a super outgoing person. It's just weird compared to Aidan.

She does have a temper though. Poor kids got my lack of patience and irish temper. I really do feel bad since my husband is so easy going and patient. I suppose I deserve this for everything I dished out to my mother when I was little.

My current obsession? I'm sure loads of you are into it too but.. I use it for dinners, desserts, crafts and beauty ideas. I'm on it more than FB if that can tell you anything. I've tried about 4 dinners on there and like 3 desserts. All have come out perfectly. The one above is Cinnamon Crescent Rolls - DELISH! I ate 4. They were that good for me.
On the right is BBQ Pork bites, corn bread and Cajun Potatoes. The potatoes needed more seasoning. Not horrible though.
Bottom right is Caramelized chicken. Very good.
Last but not least is is Marble-ous Peanut butter squares. Still have loads left. Pretty much what you see in the picture is what is in my freezer. Little too sweet for my personal taste.

My other new hobby? Making meal plans. I'm on my second week. I've done pretty dang good with the exception of me getting sick and throwing my back out. I did find another blog that really motivated me to make meal plans for a full month. Once again I found her on Pinterest. Her awesome blog is Blissful and Domestic. Just reading her one post I found from Pinterest has seriously motivated me and made me want to be a better mom, wife and (wait for it..) CHEF! If anyone reads my blog I highly suggest you check her blog out. She is seriously A-MAZING.

Well.. between the two kiddos it's taken me an hour to write this post. I think I'm going to make myself brunch. I haven't had breakfast in a while.

Until the next post!