Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finished 2 Projects!

.. Sort of.

I finished my china hutch as I previously mentioned but its not completely done because I can't close the doors with the 7 new coats of paint it's received.

It was already difficult to open but its gotten to the point that its not going to close AT ALL. This requires me to take my husbands dremel and have some fun sanding. I've been too lazy to do that. Probably tonight or the next two days seeing how today is my friday.

If I was reading this blog I would want pictures. So to satisfy myself here is the finished product:

 Not too bad if you ask me. I'm rather impressed with the finished outcome and it doesn't look to "Crafty" or DIY'd. I hate when I do a project and it looks like I did myself. Bleh! Nothing sucks more than that.


Angel and Alan finally finished the shed! No longer leaks with the rain (it was doing that.. probably because of the lack of a roof), and it matches my house. :) Alan insisted on finishing the brown trim on my house and painting the shed the same colors.

It turned out rather adorable actually. I still need to add insulation and drywall. I plan to use the shed for some food storage. I think my husband just thinks I have plans to torture him with my endless DIY projects :) That might also be my hidden agenda. 


The baby's room hasn't been touch since we pulled up the floor and tore out part of the wall.

Our floor in this room is actually really pretty. It's the original plank sub-flooring. Sadly, I already purchased the flooring for the babies room and the amount of sanding, sealing that I would have to do doesn't really interest me.

I need to prime and then get flooring done in the next 2 days. Think I can do it?