Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY: Too many!

I think the DIY bug came and bit me full on in the ass. Seriously.

You should see my house! I don't proclaim to be the best house keeper you'll ever meet but right now even I can't stand it!

We currently have 3 Do-It-Yourself projects going on. I'd have to say thats 2 too many.

1.) The shed (Still needs that damn roof!)

2.) China hutch refinish

3.) Baby's Room

Please don't ask me what I was thinking with all these projects. I have no answer to this question. It's the question I've been asking myself. haha :/

The shed "WAS" supposed to be done last week. Now they have to finish it today/tomorrow. Its just the roof and painting left but its still enough to leave messes in the yard and I haven't been able to really fill up the shed due to the leaking that's going on with the rain. I live in the DESERT part of Washington yet this year seriously feels like Seattle weather. It's weird.


The China hutch was my grandmothers 100 year old china hutch she gave me to keep the Blue Danube dishes I inherited. Thing is, the hutch has been around the block.

She got the cabinet when she was around my age living in New York. There was fire in the apt next to hers and the lady didn't want it. It had burn stains on it. (you can still see them on the back of the hutch where she didn't paint)
My grandmother being the crafty lady she is, took it and painted it to go with all her Blue Danube dishes.

Now this wasn't a bad thing, in fact it was rather pretty seeing a blue and white kitchen with this hutch in there with all her pretty dishes. It's just not me and it was old. She used acrylics when painting all the details on it and then the varnish she used 60 years ago made each panel a different shade of white. On top of all this the doors were a little warped from the weather and its hard to open the doors. Combined with the fact that the glass on doors was not tempered glass. (You really learn how much we've grown in the past 60 years when having a piece this old) It was basically an accident waiting to happen with my very active (and 'helpful') 2 year old.

I guess you could say I hit my limit of waiting last Sunday when I got off work. My mother drove me to Lowes where I proceeded to spend around $90 worth of stuff to redo the outward appearance of the hutch.

I had really been wanting to do a crackle finish on the hutch - Only the outside. The inside I left the white (now off-white after 60 years). So I had my husband take out all the scary glass, took off all the hinges and had to do 2 coats of primer.

From here I did 2 coats of my base coat. Gma's stupid acrylic paint was NOT going to be covered without a fight.

This is where the project started to get a little scary.. I chose a orangy/peachy/red that I wanted to go with my pretty poppy picture on the wall. After two coats of this stuff it was pretty bright and not what I'd envisioned. Surprisingly, my husband seemed to like it. I kept saying "it's not done! It will look different! I promise". He seriously didn't blink an eye with the color, while I was practically having a heart attack.

I had a whole day of having to deal with the color. I had to then do the coat of Crackle glaze and wait about 2 hours. THEN I could put my top paint on that will be crackling. 

The results were amazing. When you follow the instructions it REALLY does turn out perfectly!

I'm so happy! Now what I need to do is spray paint the chicken wire I bought to replace the glass and reuse the old handles. They need to be a brassy gold.

Then its the hinges and I'm done. I plan to finish when I get off work today so tomorrow I should have pictures. (I hope!)


The other project is the baby's room but that should be its own post seeing how I've already written a huge story here.

Maybe in a couple days I will tell you all the horror stories for that project.

Till then I'm out!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Teh first post

This is my first post on my blog - The Green Q Tip.

Wow. This is so enlightening. This might be my first post here but I've had many blogs over the years. Since I was about 13 I think. I was an avid Livejournal user, then I think I went to blogster or something along those lines and then found Myspace blog.

Sadly, Facebook took over and MySpace became obsolete. Honestly, I find this sad. I loved MySpace. I could do what I want and it was so purty. Now adays, the big thing is to post what I'm doing every minute of every day. Which, I admit to getting alittle hooked. I still don't get Twitter though. Too many links.

I keep going back and forth in introducing myself to just acting like you should know me. "You" being a non existent person since I have no followers. I think you should just know me. My posts can let you get to know me as we go along. :) A little mystery never hurt anyone right? We just won't mention "Clue" right?

The hubby and my dear old brother (one of 3) have been working on getting a shed built. We bought the shed in question at Lowes. I've had my eye on this shed since I bought my house back in 2010. Well fast forward two years and we finally had the money.. scratch that, I had the money. It was my biggest purchase I've ever made. The house is under the hubby's name due to poor credit on my end. The total came out to $972.00, Thanks to my mothers 10 percent discount.

Rainier 10x10 Shed

The link is the shed we bought. Its taken my husband (Not the biggest do-it-yourself-er) and brother (grown up doing DIY crap) a total of 4 days. They had issues with getting it level (We have a weird back/side yard) and then the roofing wasn't cut exactly right.

At this point they just need to paint it the color of our house (Green with brown trim) and put up the shingles.

Well, I need to go take my lunch break!